Get Your Full Draw of Bowhunting Sales

A dirty-dozen roundup of the latest, greatest compound bows and crossbows

Get Your Full Draw of Bowhunting Sales

The Father of Bowhunting, Fred Bear, once quipped, “The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind.” Truth be told, he may not have realized just how right he was. Bowhunting dates further back than any of us knew up to 2010. In August of that year, researchers discovered arrowheads dating back to roughly 64,000 years ago. Scientists suggest the arrowheads even contained remnants of blood and bone! European researchers found archery equipment estimated at 52,000 years old. Both discoveries reveal archery and bowhunting actually dates back to the Middle Paleolithic Period, ending 40,000 years ago. Today, bowhunters nationwide (and worldwide) flock to the woods, bows and arrows in hand, to connect with our ancient ancestry, pay homage to human history and satisfy their primal urge to provide. Of course, it’s so much better to be alive at a time when we can truly capitalize on advancing archery technologies. Even better for business, bowhunting remains an incredibly popular method of taking game in the U.S. Check out this roundup of compound bows, as well as a few crossbows, to get more hunters in the woods and in touch with hunting ancestry through the ages. 

BowTech Carbon One

Continuing the archery industry’s carbon-fiber trend, BowTech unveiled the flagship Carbon One in January 2023. In BowTech’s own words, the Carbon One is “dressed to kill” and offers the smoothest shooting experience “before, during and after the shot.” Carbon One features include carbon riser, DeadLock Cam System, Orbit dampeners and Integrate Mounting System (IMS) dovetail for compatible arrow rests. The Carbon One boasts a draw length of 25.5 to 30.5 inches with a 6.6-inch brace height and overall weight of 4.5 pounds. The bow measures 30 inches axle to axle and is available in 50-, 60- and 70-pound. draw weights. IBO speed is reported 335 fps. While it’s not the company’s fastest bow, not everything is about speed.

BowTech SR350

While BowTech has never been hyper-focused on speed, the company has routinely pursued unparalleled combinations of smoothness, speed and overall shooting comfort, including models deemed to be “speed” bows; case in point, the SR350. Another BowTech flagship offering, the SR350 is considered the brand’s best mix of speed and silky smooth draw. The SR350’s precise balance and DeadLock Technologies produce the brand’s best mix of arrow-flight stability and repeatable accuracy. Perhaps nearly as important in a top-shelf bow, BowTech’s Orbit dampeners eliminate vibration and allow for ridiculously quiet shooting. The SR350 features a draw-weight range of 25 to 30 inches, draw weights of 50 to 70 pounds, 33-inch axle-to-axle length, 6-inch brace height and IBO speed of 350 fps in a premium-finished bow weighing 4.4 pounds. 

Mathews Phase4 29

As the name implies, the Mathews Phase 4 29 compound bow measures 29 inches axle-to-axle and boasts Bridge-Lock Stabilizers for improved balance, Resistance Phase dampening, CrossCentric Cam with Switchweight Technology, limb-mounted vibration dampeners, 6-inch brace height, draw-weight options from 60 to 75 pounds, 25.5- to 30-inch draw length, 80 to 85% let-off, IBO speed of 340 fps. and 4.48 pounds of weight.

Elite Era 

Billed by Elite Archery as the “next era” of carbon bows, the Era is definitely a premium performance offering. The Era boasts a hand-laid carbon-fiber, dual-cage riser; wide, strategically weighted past-parallel limbs and SP Cams with V2 Micro Mods for precise 1/4-inch draw-length adjustments, as well as customized back wall and hold-weight preferences. The Era also features robust, micro let-off adjustability, down to a single percentage point, from 70 to 90%. Elite Archery also developed S.E.T. Technology (Simplified Exact Tuning). S.E.T. allows the Era’s limb pivot angle (lean) and lateral position (center shot) to be micro-adjusted for perfect timing, precise accuracy and enhanced shootability. The Era slings arrows at a blistering IBO speed of 336 fps, measures 31.25 inches axle to axle and weighs just 3.95 pounds. Available draw weights include 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds, the draw-weight range is 25.5 to 31 inches, and the Era’s brace height is a forgiving 7.25 inches.

Hoyt VTM

Hoyt’s latest top-tier offering, the VTM, is truly the culmination of more than 90 years of archery and bowhunting passion and unwavering devotion to delivering performance and reliability to serious archers. The VTM’s central nervous system remains the Ventum Pro riser; however, product development and advancing technologies continue to enhance Ventum Pro and overall bow performance, including sound reduction of a whopping 31%! As an avid bowhunter often in thick foliage, I prefer the shorter VTM 31’s 30.625-inch axle-to-axle length. Taller archers may prefer the VTM 34’s axle-to-axle length of 33.75 inches. They offer blazing-fast IBO speeds of 342 fps (VTM 31) and 334 fps (VTM 34). Brace heights are 6 inches (VTM 31) and 6.25 inches (VTM 34) and draw lengths are 25 to 30 inches (VTM 31) and 26 to 31 inches (VTM 34). Draw weights for both models range from 30 to 80 pounds. Additionally, both models are available in a robust array of finishes, including Battleworn Gray Cerakote as well as several Origin USA patterns. Founded by avid bowhunters including Navy SEAL Jock Raptor, Cameron Haynes, Kip Fulks and Pete Roberts, Origin USA’s Raptor, Raptor Highland and Blackout patterns are exciting additions to Hoyt’s VTM finishes.

Prime REVEX 2

Dealers love Prime’s devotion to dealer business. Prime Archery’s model for improvements relies as much on dealer feedback as it does on bowhunters’ feedback. Moreover, Prime is intensely focused on strengthened, easier-to-manage dealer relations in marketing downturns as well as upticks, working hard alongside dealers to ensure they optimize inventory and sales. The Revex plays well into dealer and customer focus. Available as the Revex 2 (32 inches axle to axle), 4 (34 inches axle to axle) and 6 (36 inches axle to axle), Prime offers their latest, greatest design in models to fit nearly every demanding archer, for nearly every archery activity — recreation, hunting and competition. All Revex bow models feature a center-gripped riser for perfect weight distribution; CORE cam system with cam-balancing technology and inline string and cable design for an ultra-smooth, perfectly balanced draw; draw-length mods ranging from 26 to 31.5 inches depending on model; Prime Nanogrip; 15 riser finishes; 11 limb finishes; 40- to 80-pound draw-weight options; and IBO speeds of 338 fps (Revex 2), 340 fps (Revex 4) and 330 fps (Revex 6).

PSE x Nock On Unite

The PSE x Nock On Unite is available in E2, EC2 and S2 cam systems, with the greatest differences being IBO speeds and draw lengths. The E2 boasts 343 fps with 28- to 32-inch draw lengths. The EC2 is the most universal with an IBO speed of 332 fps and draw length range of 25.5 to 31 inches. The S2 has an IBO speed of 341 fps and draw length from 25.5 to 29.5 inches. All models feature an axle-to-axle measurement of 32.25 inches, draw weights of 60 to 80 pounds, bow weight of 4.8 pounds, brace heights between 6.25 and 6.625 inches and nine finish options. Unite bows also include PSE’s FDS (Full Draw Stability) Technology to resist induced torque and enhance accuracy, and EZ.220 Snap Spacer System for micro-adjustable tuning and cam-lean adjustments, down to .020-inch increments.

Bear Legend XR RTH

The Bear Legend XR RTH is a true grow-with-you bow with a draw weight range of 14 to 70 pounds and draw length of 18 to 31 inches. Built for comfortable shooting, the Legend XR RTH boasts 85% let-off, a 6.25-inch brace height, short 32-inch axle-to-axle design, KillerWave limb dampening system and DHC-XR cam system. Perfect for new archers and bowhunters, the Bear Legend XR RTH comes ready to hunt, thus the RTH, and includes a Trophy Ridge Sight, rest, stabilizer and quiver.

Muzzy VXM Bowfishing Kit

Archers are sure to recognize Muzzy VXM’s Oneida lever-action technology. Incorporating Oneida’s system delivers the perfect combination of smooth draw, comfortable shooting and hard-hitting performance at the lower weight associated with bowfishing, 25 to 50 pounds. The Muzzy VXM features a lightweight magnesium cast and machined riser, adjustable draw weight and draw length (26 to 29.5 inches), 0 to 60% let-off, stainless steel barrel nuts and Mossy Oak Coastal Elements Cloud Band Camo finish. The kit includes a KD Pro Push-Button Reel with integral reel seat, Mantis II Arrow Rest, fiberglass arrow with Muzzy Carp Point head and 150 feet of 150-pound pre-spooled Tournament Bowfishing Line.

TenPoint Stealth 450 Crossbow

Considered “TenPoint’s fastest forward-draw crossbow ever,” the Stealth 450 offers a powerhouse combination of shooting, bolt velocity, and ease of cocking/decocking, The TenPoint Stealth 450 also boasts a patented AcuSlide Cocking and Decocking System, S1 2-stage trigger, 100-yard EVO-X Marksman Scope, Micro-Trac barrel, and Sentry Bowhanger and, true to its name, it sends arrows at lightning-quick 450 fps.

TenPoint Wicked Ridge Rampage XS

By name alone, it’s tough to pass up a TenPoint Crossbow at a mid-range price point; however, the feature-rich Wicked Ridge Rampage XS seems to be a real performance crossbow deal your customers will be hard-pressed to pass up. From back to front, TenPoint’s Wicked Ridge Rampage XS Crossbow features a standard or optional XS Tactical stock with up to 2.5 inches of length-of-pull adjustability, 3.5-pound trigger, Pro-View 3x scope with red and green illuminated reticles, XS chassis with standard cocking device or optional built-in AcuDraw cocker, 15-inch cocked width, 31.5-inch overall length, 175-pound draw weight and bolt velocity of up 390 fps. With the XS Stock and AcuDraw cocker, the Rampage XS weighs just 5.8 pounds.

Barnett Hyper Raptor

Touted as Barnett’s “perfect hunting machine,” the 2023 Hyper Raptor boasts a boatload of premium crossbow features at a mid-range price point your customers are sure to appreciate. Barnett Hyper Raptor Crossbow features include blistering velocity of 410 fps and 142 ft./lbs. of kinetic energy using with included small-diameter 20-inch HyperFlite bolts, overall weight of 7.1 pounds, compact 7.25-inch axle-to-axle width in the cocked position, step-through riser, Raptor limbs, Infinity cams, pivoting limb pockets, Soft-Lok Bristle Bolt Retainer System and a TriggerTech trigger. The Hyper Raptor Crossbow comes ready to hunt with three bolts, a 4x36 illuminated multi-reticle scope, side-mounted quiver and a Hyper Raptor CCD stock.


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