Sept.-Oct. 2023 New Products

Here are new products to keep your eye on.

Sept.-Oct. 2023 New Products

Antler King’s Power Rack Deer Mineral

Power Rack Deer Mineral from Antler King is loaded with the nutrients deer need for a healthy immune system and optimal herd health. Body-boosting trace minerals as well as vital vitamins that include A, D and E support antler development, fawn growth and overall health. Power Rack draws in deer and pairs well with Antler King’s other mineral products. Simply pour the easy-to-use formula near deer trails or other areas frequented by deer. For maximum antler growth, mix one bag of Power Rack with one bag of Trophy Deer Mineral. Power Rack is available in 5-pound bags. Retail: $16.99

Blaser R8 Ultimate Carbon Rifle

The R8 Ultimate Carbon Bolt-Action Rifle from Blaser is designed for maximum performance and minimum weight, featuring a 100 percent hand-laid carbon-fiber thumbhole stock built to withstand the most brutal hunting conditions. Equipped with vibration and recoil reduction technology and high torsional strength, the Ultimate Carbon is ideal for hunters who value craftsmanship, accuracy, repeatability and reliability in a durable, lightweight rifle. It also features handsome dark brown weatherproof leather on the grip, forearm and cheek piece, and like other R8 rifles, comes with the Blaser precision trigger and manual cocking system. 

Optional upgrades include an adjustable comb and recoil absorption system or adjustable recoil pad. It’s available in numerous calibers ranging from .22 LR to .500 Jeffery. Retail: Starts at $10,540

Christensen Arms Modern Hunting Rifle Long-Action Calibers 

Christensen Arms has added long-action caliber options to its Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR) lineup. The blot-action MHR is versatile, modular and future-focused. Built on an aluminum mini-chassis with V-block bedding, it provides the accuracy of a chassis rifle and the ergonomics of a hunting rifle, all while offering exceptional modularity. Utilizing all-new FFT technology, the stock, forearm and grips can be swapped out to create configurations that meet any sport shooting or hunting situation. Chambering options include .300 Win. Mag., .300 PRC, 7mm PRC and 7mm Rem. Mag. Finish options include Black Anodized, Desert Brown and Tungsten Cerakote. Rifle weight starts at 7.6 pounds. MSRP: Starting at $3,499.99

Hawke Optics Vantage WA 3-9x42mm Riflescope

Hawke Optics’ new 3-9x42mm WA L4A Dot Reticle Riflescope is built on a 30mm main tube that allows more light to enter the scope for better vision and field of view, especially in low-light conditions. It comes with the multi-level red/green illuminated glass-etched L4A reticle, fully multicoated optics, Hawke’s H2 glass and 11 layers of coatings for optimal clarity. It has a generous field of view of 42.2 to 13.1 feet at 100 yards and 3.5 inches of eye relief. The L4A Dot uses an outer post design that helps keep more of the target visible while aiming. The Vantage 3-9x42mm WA L4A Riflescope has a fast-focus eye bell and comes with scope covers and a long-life battery. Retail: $319

Legacy Sports Citadel Trakr Yote Rimfire Rifle

Legacy Sports has added a new camo pattern to its Citadel Trakr Semi-auto Rifle line. Based on the color and texture of coyote fur, the Yote pattern is an attractive and fun addition to the Trakr Rifle .22 LR Series and is a clear must-have for this summer’s plinking. The new design blends in with a wide range of terrains for hunting and is sure to also be a hit at the gun range. The Trakr is also offered in FDE, OD Green, USA Flag, USA Grayscale Flag and Black finishes. It comes equipped with a 18-inch threaded barrel, lightweight synthetic stock, Picatinny rail, fiber-optic front and rear sights, vented forend and one 10-round magazine. MSRP: Starting at $229.

Nose Jammer Wax Sticks

Nose Jammer Rub On Wax Sticks are designed to overwhelm the sense of smell of big-game animals and predators such as elk, whitetails, pronghorns, wild hogs and coyotes. The time-release formula contains vanillin and other natural aromatic compounds including lignin, a major support structure for trees, grasses and shrubs. These compounds don’t alarm game animals, but instead jam the olfactory system. This happens when those compounds are delivered at concentrated levels, overloading the olfactory gland found in an animal’s nose, which helps hunters to remain concealed. Nose Jammer Wax Sticks can be purchased online or in store at various retailers and come in a resealable pouch for freshness and longer shelf life. MSRP: $12.99/2.6 ounces

Pro-Tracker Archery Bad Boys FOC Sleeves

Available for compound and crossbow hunters, Bad Boys FOC Sleeves from Pro-Tracker Archery come in various weights and colors and allow the user to fine-tune the arrow’s FOC to deliver the proper inertia and accuracy to make a clean, ethical kill shot. Simply slide the sleeve over the arrow shaft and secure it with the broadhead or field point. They are designed to use the bow’s current 20- to 30-yard zero. Longer shots will require only minor adjustments. Bad Boys FOC Sleeves come in 62- to 300-grain weights, as well as variety packs. There are multiple color options, as well as standard black. These sleeves fit both standard and micro-diameter arrow shafts and include head shrink tubes to adapt to smaller shafts. MSRP: $24.95/Three-pack

Remington Core-Lokt Copper Bullet

The “Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods” is now available with a lead-free, all-copper bullet option, the new Remington Core-Lokt Copper. With dependable expansion, proven weight retention near 100 percent and drop-dead accuracy, this precision hollowpoint provides deadly terminal performance across a wide range of velocities. Rigid construction from high-strength pure copper ensures Core-Lokt Copper dispatches big game with authority. Remington’s classic Core-Lokt and Core-Lokt Tipped are still being proudly manufactured daily in the USA, and all Remington ammunition uses reliable brass, lead-free primers for consistent ignition, high-quality propellants and precise loading techniques for consistent shot-after-shot performance. Core-Lokt Copper is available in six cartridges with line extensions coming soon. MSRP: $40.99-$60.99

Sauer 100 H-S Precision Stock Rifles

Designed for precision hunters and shooters, J.P. Sauer and Sohn’s Sauer 100 LWT (lightweight) and Pantera XT rifles are now available with the technically advanced American-made H-S Precision stock featuring a 7075-aluminum bedding block with Kevlar, fiberglass and carbon materials for strength and lightweight structure. Accurate, rugged and reliable, these Sauer 100 (S 100) rifles deliver guaranteed five-shot, sub-MOA performance. Featuring a famously smooth Sauer bolt, adjustable single-stage trigger (from 2.2 to 4.2 pounds), five-round detachable double-stack magazine, three-position safety and cold hammer-forged German steel barrel, the S 100 raises the standard for entry-level rifles. Both models are available in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .308 Win. and .300 Win. Mag. MSRP: $1,799.99

Savage Arms Model 110 Hog Hunter Rifle

The Model 110 Hog Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle from Savage is as tough and versatile as the animals it’s built to hunt — now chambered in .400 Legend. Length of pull is easily customized to fit any shooter for comfort and consistency, and the user-adjustable AccuTrigger provides a light, crisp pull. This rifle is built on Savage’s time-tested 110 platform but with a modern design and improved ergonomics. A rugged synthetic stock holds the 20-inch, medium contour, carbon steel barrel that features adjustable iron sights and is threaded for a suppressor. Its oversize bolt handle allows for fast followup shots and the detachable box magazine never catches on brush in the tangled thickets where hogs love to hide. MSRP: $669

Weatherby Model 307 Alpine MDT Bolt-Action Rifle 

Weatherby has teamed up with MDT to produce an ultra-light chassis rifle that can own the range and dominate in the field. The Alpine MDT is built on Weatherby’s newest bolt-action rifle platform, the Model 307. Meant to complement the historic Mark V and Vanguard lineups, the Model 307 action is a two-lug, fully cylindrical action compatible with many aftermarket accessories. The Model 307 is designed to accommodate the vast offerings of stocks, triggers, rails, mounts and magazines that exist in today’s marketplace. The carbon fiber chassis features a foldable buttstock and when collapsed cuts out over 9 inches of total length making it a great compact rifle option. The Alpine MDT has a durable Graphite Black Cerakote finish. MSRP: $2,999

Wolf Premium Oils Microfiber Suede Cleaning Towel

The Wolf Premium Oils Microfiber Cleaning Towel features state-of-the-art microfiber suede material that sets it apart from ordinary cleaning cloths. Millions of ultra-fine fibers work together to effortlessly capture dirt, dust and grime that can potentially damage firearms, tools, knives and delicate surfaces. Designed for low absorbency, the Wolf Premium Oil Microfiber Cleaning Towel optimizes gun and knife cleaning by keeping the oil on the product and dust and dirt off, and is generously sized at 16x16 inches, providing ample surface area to tackle any cleaning job effectively. This high-quality towel can be washed hundreds of times without losing its efficacy or softness. It is a long-lasting investment that will continue to deliver exceptional cleaning performance, even after multiple uses. MSRP: $3.75


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