Looking at Thermal Options

Among the top companies making and selling thermals:

Looking at Thermal Options

Armasight: In addition to the Contractor thermals constructed with ARMACore 320x240 sensors, Armasight recently released its newest line of 640x480 thermal units, including the 640 Contractor and the Collector 640 Compact scope (shown). Also makes clip-ons, handhelds and a host of thermal accessories. https://armasight.com/

ATN: The ThOR 5XD is ATN’s latest generation of ThOR thermal scopes and offers more power and memory, the latest sensors, and custom chips. A high-resolution OLED display gives you blacker blacks and richer colors. It also features upgraded lenses, enhanced algorithms to provide sharp resolution and image quality, and a new Quad Core processor with enhanced sensors for stunning image quality in both night and day. www.atncorp.com

Burris: Among the newer entrants into this market, Burris jumped into the thermal market about three years ago with the BTS 35 and BTS 50 (shown), rifle scopes. These scopes feature easy-to-use controls and clear images, at a lower price point than many units available today. Handheld units and clip-ons were added soon afterwards.  www.burrisoptics.com/

InfiRay Outdoor: Many consider the InfiRay Outdoor RICO MK1 rifle scope (shown) to be the best bargain today, combining a 640x480 sensor and impressive images with many other features, at thousands of dollars less than competition models. The company recently debuted the RS75, too, with its amazing 1280x1040 sensor, arguably the top (and most expensive) consumer thermal today. www.infirayoutdoor.com

Pulsar: Thermal scopes, compact scopes, handheld units, clip-ons and, yes, even thermal binoculars: Pulsar offers all of these products at a variety of price points. Among its newest offerings is the Thermion Duo DXP50, a scope that combines both a thermal sensor and a daytime optic into a single package. pulsarnv.com

Trijicon (pictured above): Well-known for its daytime optics, including the U.S. Military’s ACOG, Trijicon also offers a full line of thermals, including various models within the company’s REAP-IR Mini Thermal Rifle scopes and their top-of-the-line IR-Hunter scopes, plus a clip-on unit and a monocular. All are built with Trijicon’s 640x480, 12-micron thermal image sensors. Shown:  IR-Hunter 60-2 with a 60MM front lens.  www.trijicon.com 


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