Video: Patterning Lead vs. Tungsten Turkey Ammo

What do lead turkey loads look like on paper compared to tungsten? Harold Knight shows us the difference.

Video: Patterning Lead vs. Tungsten Turkey Ammo

The past several years have brought many changes to the once standard equipment used in the turkey field, and a big area of advancement has been in ammunition.

In this video, Harold Knight talks through a few differences in lead ammunition versus tungsten, and how that might affect patterning a shotgun and even what gauge your next gobbler gun might be.

Knight helps a fellow hunter pattern his new .20 gauge with Federal Premium TSS tungsten ammunition and using the same setup, Winchester Longbeard XR. Both ammunitions proved fatal, the biggest difference was the number of pellets on the target.

The two then go on to compare a .12 gauge firing lead shot, to the pattern of the .20 gauge with tungsten. Check out the video so you can better help customers when they ask if a .20 gauge is enough gun for turkeys.


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