6 Small Items Deer Hunters Will Buy on Repeat

Stocking these small necessities close to the register will add to your sales.

6 Small Items Deer Hunters Will Buy on Repeat

Deer hunters, seasoned and novice alike, understand that hunting success isn't solely determined by the big-ticket gear. While firearms, optics, and tree stands are vital, it's often the small items that can make all the difference in the field. These small, affordable essentials are what hunters tend to buy on repeat from their local firearms retailers. 

Whether it's for convenience, functionality, or peace of mind, these unassuming items have earned their place in every hunter's kit. They’ll buy these small, affordable essentials regularly, and they provide fantastic add-on sales opportunities for retailers.

Field Dressing Gloves: Disposable latex or nitrile gloves are crucial for maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of diseases. Combining them with longer gloves that extend up the arms provides protection so hands stay clean and sleeves don’t get soaked in blood.

Game Bags or Plastic Bags: Game bags help prevent contamination and make meat easier to transport. They only get used once, and hunters regularly replenish their stock at the start of every season.

Paracord or Rope: Useful for dragging and hanging the animal, creating a makeshift pulley system, or securing the quarters for transportation. Rope gets cut, tied, worn and replaced regularly. Keep it in stock.

Field Wipes: If you’ve ever field dressed an animal miles from camp or cabin, you know how nice it is to be able to clean up a little before you pack out. These are regular purchases for many hunters. 

Headlamps and Cap Lights: A hands-free light source is crucial for field dressing deer after dark, and sometimes just for navigating in and out of the woods. They’re small, inexpensive and easily lost, misplaced or destroyed, so they’re replaced often. 

Trail Camera Accessories: Batteries, memory cards, and mounting hardware for trail cameras are items that hunters continually restock to keep their remote scouting on point.

Bonus Item — Knife Sharpeners: Hunting knives are asked to handle a variety of tasks in the field. Keeping them sharp, especially when it comes time for field dressing, makes every job easier. A small, effective knife sharpener that easily tucks into a pocket or pack can be a difference maker in the field. Find a couple you like and keep them in stock right next to the register.

Deer hunters are a dedicated bunch, and they understand the importance of being well-prepared. While the big-ticket items grab the initial attention, it's the small, inexpensive, and essential accessories that keep hunters coming back through your doors. Retailers who recognize the recurring demand for these small essentials can build customer loyalty and boost their business while helping hunters stay well-equipped for their next adventure. 


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