Hunting Retailer New Products

Here are some products to keep an eye on.

Hunting Retailer New Products

UBCO 2X2 Hunt Edition E-Bike  

Antler King Nutritious Cotton Candy Deer Attractant 

Formulated with nutritious cottonseed, Antler King’s Cotton Candy is irresistible to deer. Packed with more fat, fiber and protein than any other grain, cottonseed is the ultimate food source for deer from north to south. Cotton Candy also contains protein pellets, roasted soybeans and corn, as well as Antler King’s AMP digestive health supplement for increased intake of protein, vitamins and minerals that leads to a healthier deer herd. While powder attractants can begin to spoil within days of application due to moisture, this grain-based mix lasts longer in the field. It can be used with any type of feeder or poured directly on the ground to attract deer from a distance. MSRP: $17.99/5-pound bag; $29.99/25-pound bag

CZ 600 American Rifle

The CZ 600 American Centerfire Rifle is equipped with a beautifully crafted thin-profile Turkish walnut stock and is available in a wide range of calibers, from .223 Rem. to .300 Win. Mag. It comes equipped with a cold hammer forged barrel, and its single-stage, user-adjustable trigger provides smooth operation. A locking five-round magazine allows for quick changeovers from fixed to removable operation. The CZ 600 American also features a vertical safety with intuitive and virtually noiseless operation, and the bolt can be removed by pressing a spring-loaded button without having to disengage the safety and manipulate the trigger. A controlled feed system a with short extractor ensures reliable delivery of cartridges in any position. MSRP: $849/American; $1,499/American High Grade

Dead Ringer Black Series Tackdriver Carbon DT Bowsight

The Dead Ringer Black Series Tackdriver Carbon DT Five-Pin Dovetail Bowsight is constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, carbon fiber arm and tool-free locking arm knob, offering durable performance that won’t add a lot of extra weight to any bow setup. An integrated sight level, adjustable .010-inch pins, fiber housing and rechargeable sight light for low-light visibility ensure accuracy in any hunting/shooting condition, while windage and elevation adjustability allow for fine-tuning for increased precision. A carbon extension arm is available for the Black Series Tackdriver Carbon DT in a 9-inch configuration. MSRP: $149.99

Federal Ammunition 360 Buckhammer Ammunition

Federal Ammunition has added the new .360 Buckhammer cartridge to its Power-Shok product line — a straight-wall cartridge recently launched by Remington Ammunition. It is specifically designed for lever-action rifles and is deadly accurate past 200 yards. Two Power-Shok offerings include 180- and 200-grain jacketed softpoint bullets. The 180-grain bullet is currently available, and the 200-grain option is coming soon. The .358-inch diameter bullet delivers energy and trajectory similar to the .30-30 Win., with softer recoil for better accuracy in the field. Straight-wall cartridges are now legal for hunting deer in some states that were previously slug-only areas. MSRP: $36.99/Box of 20

Forster Co-Ax XL Reloading Press

The new Co-Ax XL Reloading Press was designed with ELR shooters in mind and is built with the same float advantage, quick die change and precision as the standard Co-Ax, while having the ability to load a wider range of calibers. The press is made to accept 1.25-inch dies as well as .875-inch dies (adaptor lock ring required and included with the press). The steel weldment and 13-inch handle give it unrivaled rigidity and leverage. The addition of ball bearings to the handle and the added lighting feature help give users a smooth and efficient reloading experience. MSRP: $1,295

Rocky Lynx Boot

Rocky Boots has introduced two new styles in its Lynx boot collection. Ideal for hunting and other outdoor activities, where comfort, reliability and durability are a must, Rocky Lynx boots feature waterproof full grain leather and Cordura uppers that resist tears no matter how tough the terrain. Rocky recycled Vapor Pass waterproofing keeps moisture out, so feet are dry and comfortable all day. The Lynx Series features 8-inch boots with different insulation packages, one sporting a Mossy Oak Country DNA upper and 1,000 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation and the other with a Realtree Excape upper and 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation. MSRP: $175-$180

Rutted-Up Coliseum Archery Blind

The Coliseum Archery Blind from Rutted-Up Blinds boasts a spacious 9-foot by 7-foot footprint, engineered to keep hunters comfortable and provide plenty of shot opportunities. Its 13 windows can lock out in any position and are 100 percent smoked but still provide a clear view, even in low-light conditions. The airtight Coliseum’s roof has approximately 2 to 3 inches of rigid insulating foam, while the floor insulation measures 4 inches. Fork pockets are integrated into the base, which attach to the floor for safe and easy setup. The Coliseum’s steel exterior is finished in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo with 20-year fade resistance. The archery version of the Coliseum features one gun and 12 archery-specific windows. MSRP: $6,495/Does not include tower

Savage Single Shot Adapter  

Savage Arms has introduced a Single Shot Adapter for its popular Axis and Model 110 rifles — converting them into single-shot rifles. This conversion enables hunters to use Savage centerfire rifles in states that allow straight-wall cartridges (or other calibers) in single-shot firearms for deer hunting. The Single Shot Adapters are available in four versions — one for each configuration of rifle that Savage produces that uses Savage flush fit magazines. The Single Shot Adapter is not compatible with rifles that take ACIS magazines. With these adapters a hunter can use a Savage rifle chambered in popular cartridges such as .350 Legend, .400 Legend and .450 Bushmaster to hunt deer in states such as Illinois. No modifications to the rifle are needed. MSRP: $28

TruFire Rivet Handheld Archery Release Aid

TruFire’s Rivet Handheld Archery Release Aid is designed to deliver a similar experience archers would expect from a sear-style handheld “button” release without the sophisticated guts or high price tag. The Rivet utilizes a unique link-style trigger system that offers accuracy and performance in an easy-to-use and affordable unit. Its flat-gray anodized handle features optimized geometry and smooth lines, while maximizing hand position for more consistent shooting. The lightweight aluminum body is hard anodized to a matte-gray finish and features an adjustable pinky groove that is customizable to either a three- or four-finger configuration. Internally, the Rivet uses a link-style trigger system that offers one-hand operation for cocking and opening, full D-loop encapsulation and crisp operation upon trigger actuation. MSRP: $99.99

Tyto Hollow Bone Replacement Blade Knife

Built to better accept ultra sharp and durable H.B. scalpel blades, the Hollow Bone Knife from Tyto is a top-shelf replacement blade knife system — machined from strong, lightweight Grade 5 titanium and used in medical and aerospace applications. A partial carbon fiber handle improves grip between the thumb and forefinger, and the handle also fits size 60 and 22 scalpel blades. The Hollow Bone Replacement Blade Knife is ideal for boning and skinning tasks, and the strong, durable blades will also perform light EDC duties and camp chores. It is 7 inches long with the blade installed and comes with five H.B. scalpel blades in a Tyto blade box. MSRP: $159.99

UBCO 2X2 Hunt Edition E-Bike (pictured above)

The UBCO 2X2 Hunt Edition E-Bike is built to handle any terrain and is whisper quiet for accessing isolated areas with minimal disturbance. It comes outfitted to carry more gear with the addition of cargo decks and MOLLE panels and plenty of carry capacity — 335 pounds. The bike was built in collaboration with outdoorsman/professional surfer Shane Dorian, who has been involved in the bike’s design from the beginning — with a 75-mile range, AWD and full suspension to tackle the rigors of the outback. Other features include Peak Design phone mount, Barebones Living Japanese Nata Tool, waterproof center carry all, UBCO front and rear cargo decks, Giant Loop Pronghorn straps and a free three-month OnX Hunt Elite membership. MSRP: $6,499

Vortex Impact 4000 Ballistic Rail-Mounted Laser Rangefinder

For precision shooting and open-terrain hunting, the new Impact 4000 Ballistic Rail-Mounted Laser Rangefinder from Vortex takes the guesswork out of long-range shooting with quick, accurate ballistic corrections — generating point-and-shoot solutions without coming off the gun. Simple to operate, the Impact 4000 is capable of ranging reflective targets out to 4,000 yards and delivers atmospheric and weather data, too. Features include customizable ballistics profiles, on-board environmental sensors, wind bearing capture mode, built-in range card generator and much more. With the Vortex Impact 4000, simply select a preloaded profile or build a rifle’s unique profile, then range, dial and shoot. Intuitive to use, rugged and reliable, the Impact 4000 functions in places where smartphones can’t for deadly speed and precision. MSRP: $2,999.99


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