Brushy Bottom Trinity 3-D Camouflage

Designed to emulate a 30-yard perspective, Brushy Bottom Trinity 3-D Camouflage enables treestand hunters to blend into a hardwood forest.

Brushy Bottom Trinity 3-D Camouflage

Brushy Bottom’s first camouflage pattern, Trinity 3-D, is available on an entirely new line of garments designed for optimal balance and proportionally corrected images to disrupt and disturb any outline or hard surface found in nature. Hunters will blend into their surroundings effortlessly with the ghost shadowing, high-definition images, true ratio specifications and projected 3-D imagery used within the pattern.

Oak leaves are used extensively in Trinity 3-D so hunters can blend in better when hunting this natural food source, and all elements are in correctly proportioned ratios in respect to their placement through the pattern. This depth emulates a true 30-yard perspective, allowing the perception of looking through the pattern.

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