4 Deadly Deer Scents

Cash in on these deer drawing scents when your customers come shopping for the “silver bullet” that will give them an edge in the whitetail woods.

4 Deadly Deer Scents

Deer attractant scents are popular among savvy bowhunters, and for good reason — deer live and die by their nose and lures can provide a huge advantage when trying to get them to take those few extra steps that will put them in bow range. Simply put, attractants are used to lure the game to the hunter, by using sensory cues that appeal to a deer’s breeding, territorial and curiosity instincts — all play on a deer’s mood and disposition.

There are many different types of deer attractant scents available on the market, including food scents, urine scents and glandular scents. These include doe-in-estrus scents, territorial intrusion scents, curiosity scents and food scents. Each carries its own unique attraction, but the purpose is common to them all — to entice a deer to come have a look. Using these scents in conjunction with decoys and deer calls increases the probability of close encounters. 

For hunters, deer lures can provide an edge that will make them more successful in the field. For retailers, the diversity and volume of such products available opens a gateway to a significant sales opportunity. Here are some top-shelf examples your bowhunters might want to check out when they come shopping for a scent-laced silver bullet.

Code Blue Buck Tarsal Gland

Found on the hind legs of deer, tarsal glands secrete a musk that deer use to identify other deer and keep tabs on their status in different areas. Buck Tarsal Gland from Code Blue contains a real whole tarsal gland soaked in urine collected from an individual buck. The gland is equipped with a zip tie that makes hanging it from tree branches or over scrapes easy (top photo).

Buck Tarsal Gland comes in a resealable package and can be used all season long as a potent curiosity and infringement attractant. Pro tip: Keep the tarsal gland refreshed by adding more Code Blue Buck Urine to the bag as needed. MSRP: $14.99/2 fluid ounces; www.codebluescents.com

Odin’s Innovations Doe Estrus Liquid Scent

For 2023, Odin’s Innovations is releasing its proven scents, including Doe Estrus, in a convenient liquid squeeze bottle. The synthetic scent is delivered in a biodegradable and sustainable oil base that resists moisture for 7 to 10 days.

Odin’s Doe Estrus emits sensory signals to bucks that a doe in the area is ready for breeding. This high-quality synthetic blend effectively emulates the scent of this phase of the doe’s breeding cycle — as changing hormones mix with the chemistry of her urine. Hunters can use this product during the peak of the rut to lure in bucks that are in search of receptive does. Simply squirt it on the ground or on bushes at the hunting site. MSRP: $14.99/4-ounce squeeze bottle; www.odinsinnovations.com

Tink’s Peak30 Deer Attractant

Tink’s Peak30 Peak Heat Doe Estrus Whitetail Attractant is pure urine collected during the peak of when a doe is ready to breed — guaranteed to contain 30pg/ml levels of estrogen.

Each collection goes through a scientific certification process to ensure the levels of estrogen present. It is most effective during the peak of the rut, when bucks are out searching for does in heat to breed. Apply Tink’s Peak30 on the ground, over a scrape or mock scrap or low-hanging limbs and leaves along main deer trails. MSRP: $15.99/1 ounce; www.tinks.com

Wildlife Research Center Golden Estrus Xtreme

Golden Estrus Xtreme from Wildlife Research Center is made with premium Golden Estrus Scent and intensified for extra long range. This proprietary process makes it stronger, more intense and longer reaching.

The squirt top bottle is equipped with a removable cap, making it easy and convenient to use by squirting directly onto a favorite scent dispenser, or by dipping a Wildlife Research Center Key-Wick directly into the bottle for easy application on branches over scrapes or along trials. All WRC products are 100 percent money-back guaranteed. MSRP: $18.18/2-ounce bottle with two Pro-Wicks; www.wildlife.com


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