ATN Redesigns OTS LT Thermal Game Scanner

American Technologies Network has redesigned the OTS LT thermal handheld scanner, increasing the odds of finding game thanks to its Obsidian LT Core and improved sensors.

ATN Redesigns OTS LT Thermal Game Scanner

American Technologies Network (ATN) has redesigned its OTS LT Series, the newest addition to the thermal HD monoculars family of smart thermal imaging optics.

The OTS LT has been redesigned from top to bottom, now using the new Obsidian LT Core and cutting-edge sensors for sharp, crisp images and extended range. The OTS LT is lighter and has an exceedingly long lasting internal battery. Slim and ergonomic, it will fit perfectly in any hunter's hand, reducing the need to carry heavy equipment to search for the target.

The new battery uses a proprietary power management system that will keep users in the hunt all day and night, without the need to use single use batteries. The OTS LT maximizes field time searching for game without the need to worry about device failure. Search and recovery operations will be quicker and more efficient.

If there is one tool every hunter should have, it would be ATN's thermal handheld scanner. With this latest addition to a hunter's kit, the search for game only gets raised to new heights that will no longer be daunting and time consuming.

ATN fully recognize the best part of hunting is the chase, and being able to find the desired target is key. Hunters are sure to up their game and add to the thrill by integrating the OTS LT series handheld thermal scanner into their next adventure.


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