The Right Gear For the Range

Regular practice sessions are important for maximizing good marksmanship. Be sure your customers are geared up to make each outing as productive — and safe — as possible.

The Right Gear For the Range

For those who love to shoot, frequent trips to the rifle/pistol range are commonplace — whether it’s the local gun club or the back 40. I like to call it group therapy — those early morning shooting sessions with a cup of hot java, punching tightly spaced holes in paper targets. Ease into the gun … take a deep breath and slowly release it … clear the mind … squeeze the trigger … follow through … do it again. But often taken for granted is the equipment that maximizes the enjoyment and productivity of these outings. 

Aside from the requisite guns, optics and ammo needed, ancillary gear such as bench rests, targets and safety equipment complete the proper setup. And for duty officers it often means practicing with the gear — vests, holsters, ballistic plates, packs and such — that make up their working wardrobe. Savvy retailers understand that small and medium ticket items can add up to big-ticket money if they sell enough of them. That’s why it’s so important to make sure customers are armed with the right gear to ensure a safe and productive time at the range. 

Here is some range-worthy equipment they’ll want to check out before their next session.


3M Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Earmuffs

More sound, less noise — that’s what shooters get with Peltor’s Sport Tactical 500 Smart electronic hearing protection from 3M. These earmuffs feature smart technology that automatically adjusts to the environment and firearm, for customized protection and voice enhancement. Plus, the Tactical 500 syncs with Bluetooth enabled devices, so users can stay connected — and protected. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor shooters with Clear Voice Tracking that filters voices from background noise to improve speech intelligibility. Using Dynamic Suppression Time technology, Peltor electronic earmuffs optimize the shooting experience by measuring the energy of the gun shot and echoes in the environment to establish suppression time. MSRP: $145.


Allen Company Shottrax Recoil Reducing Rest

The Shottrax recoil reducing rest by Allen Company is designed with accuracy in mind, featuring a fully adjustable frame length, adjustable soft rubber feet and a soft gun cradle. Elevation adjustments are made using a fine-threaded metal star-shaped wheel and the rear of the rest has a steel-framed, rubberized, foam-padded boot, built tough to take the recoil from even the largest calibers so shooters can put more rounds downrange more accurately. The firearm cradle is MSR compatible and frame length is adjustable from 16 to 26 inches. Additional weight via metal plates, shot bags or small sandbags can be added to increase stability and further reduce movement, especially important on slick surfaces. MSRP: $164.99.


Birchwood Casey Bravo Shooting Rest

The new Bravo shooting rest from Birchwood Casey features a rigid steel frame design with a non-slip rubber stock rest, non-slip rubber feet and bull’s-eye bubble level. Overall weight is 15 pounds, and it accommodates most full-size rifles (including those with high-capacity magazines) and popular AR pistols with barrels as short as 7.5 inches. The Bravo’s low-profile design makes it a great choice for shooting prone and its ambidextrous controls, along with oversized knobs, make adjustments quick and easy — with 3.5 inches of elevation and adjustments for various rifle sizes. MSRP: $129.99.


BulletSafe Elite IIIA Bulletproof Vest

BulletSafe has an affordable bulletproof vest for every safety-minded American citizen. These vests are stab-proof, slash-proof and bulletproof up to a maximum caliber of .44 Magnum. Made of 600 Denier polyester and customizable with accessories, they feature wrap-around front and rear ballistic panels for total torso protection. Additionally, BulletSafe vests have flexible, breathable shoulder and side straps to keep them firmly but comfortably positioned against the body. BulletSafe vests are easily concealable underneath regular clothing and their modular design enables users to adjust them for comfort and mobility. With the purchase of additional ballistic plates, BulletSafe vests can be upgraded to protect against higher-caliber firearms. MSRP: $299.97.


Champion Small Frame Earmuffs

Champion has added Small Frame earmuffs to its hearing protection product lineup — designed specifically to fit small frame, youth and women shooters, making them a great choice for those who find traditional hearing muffs too large. Champion Small Frame sound dampening earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 21dB, comfortable headband and adjustable fit for a wide range of sizes and ages. These lightweight, low-profile muffs are made for all-day comfort and superior hearing protection at the range. Multiple color options are available, including black, gray, pink, orange and blue. MSRP: $14.95.


Comp-Tac IDPA Silhouette Targets 

Comp-Tac’s 100-count silhouette targets with a zero circle in the head portion are made from .125-inch corrugated board and are the official targets used by the International Defensive Pistol Association. The IDPA silhouette target is man-sized, with a target area of approximately 18 inches wide by 30 inches high. The perforated scoring lines designate the “Down Zero” in both the body portion and head portion, “Down One” in the body and head and “Down Three.” The targets are brown front and back, and shooters can paste over the bullet holes to use them over and over. MSRP: $72.99/100 count.


DKX M3 Series Ballistic Plates

DKX M3 series ballistic plates are the standard for Level III stand-alone rifle protection and an impact absorbing back face negates the need for additional plate purchases. Positively buoyant, the plates provide users with flotation capability and superior blunt force trauma protection and are equipped with Radio Frequency Embedded Verification tracking for inventory management. Polyurea coating protects the plates from harsh conditions, and at only 2.9 pounds the DKX M3 is the lightest armor in its category and stops special non-armor piercing threats. It comes with an unprecedented seven-year warranty. MSRP: $379.


Do-All Outdoors Double Blast Spinner

If practice makes perfect, then doubling time spent at the range with a favorite rifle makes double-good sense. And that’s what backyard shooters get with the Do-All Outdoors High-Caliber Double Blast spinner target — two targets of varying size to put their rifleman skills to the test. The Do-All Outdoors Double Blast features two reversible bright orange steel targets — 3- and 4½-inch diameter — that are highly visible for quick target acquisition. Simply set up and start shooting — and keep on shooting — because there’s no need to reset targets by hand. After being hit, the targets spin back into the set position, ready for more abuse. The targets are even tough enough to stand up to high-caliber cartridges. MSRP: $39.99.


Evolve Range Solutions Digital Target System

Evolve Range Solutions’ live-fire digital target system, the EV-R, allows shooters to select targets at the firing line that react when hit. The system is easy to use and offers more than 25 static and dynamic targets. Its rugged design eliminates down time due to bullet strikes, a real problem with conventional head and track systems. The EV-R target system integrates easily into existing ranges and new construction. Accurate and affordable, its proprietary hit detection needs no lasers or other adapters; customers shoot real guns and ammunition. As an additional feature, range owners are able to project advertising and other messages downrange for all shooters to see. MSRP: Varies per installation.


High Speed Gear ReVive Medical Pouch

The ReVive compact pouch from High Speed Gear is designed to carry immediately accessible essential medical gear. It is built to contain those items needed to treat a gunshot wound and is intended to fit a chest seal, 4-inch trauma dressing, combat gauze, trauma shears and two pairs of nitrile gloves, but will also fit other similar objects. Its RipCord insert enables the contents to be quickly deployed within a self-contained harness, preventing users from fumbling for the needed items or dumping the pouch contents. Other features include a high-abrasion-resistant neoprene Kevlar composite pull tab for easy, no-look access, external glove pockets, adjustable cinch on the main compartment opening and anchor loops for attaching a tourniquet or other items. MSRP: $74.


Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone

A day at the gun range, reloading ammunition or cleaning a gun can be dirty business. The folks at Hoppe’s understand this and have shooting enthusiasts covered when it’s time to clean up. Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone skin cleaning wipes lift and trap lead, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, silver, mercury, zinc, chromium, copper, antimony and other metals without smearing. They’ve been proven to remove 98.8% of contaminants on their own and 99.9% with a water rinse. Soap and water remove only 72% of contaminants. Use them to wipe down hands, arms, face, neck and any working surfaces. They are not for use on firearms — available in a 40-count cannister or in a six-pack of individually wrapped Lead-B-Gone wipes. MSRP: $8.95-$9.95.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth Ear Buds

Howard Leight Impact Sport ear buds with Bluetooth are designed for hunters and shooting sports participants who want comfortable, lightweight, high-NRR in-ear hearing protection that still allows them to easily hear — even amplify — what’s going on around them, with the additional advantages of wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Featuring a 29dB NRR rating, these ear buds allow the wearer to easily conduct conversations, hear important commands on the range and detect crucial environmental sounds when hunting, but automatically stop amplification when loud impulse sounds such as those from a firearm discharge exceed 85dB. Howard Leight Impact Sport ear buds with connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. MSRP: $149.


Pro-Shot SplatterShot Targets

Pro-Shot Products has expanded its extensive lineup of SplatterShot reactive targets to include a full line of Bull’s-Eye, Sight-In and Game series offerings. Available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, SplatterShot targets feature peel-and-stick all-weather adhesive that makes them an excellent choice in morning dew, sand and dusty environments and provide superior splatter from bullet impacts with the company’s unique ink formula. Packaged in zipper-top bags, SplatterShot targets provide a convenient and superior shooting experience. They are 100% designed, printed and made in the USA to provide an outstanding reactive shooting experience. MSRP: Varies by target.


Pyramex Venture Gear AmpBT Electronic Bluetooth Earmuffs

Pyramex Safety’s Venture Gear AmpBT electronic earmuffs combine sound compression with Bluetooth connectivity and are now available in black, desert tan and urban gray. They not only compress harmful sounds to safe levels thanks to Rapid Noise Suppression technology, they also amplify surrounding sounds so the user can hear more clearly. In fact, AmpBT earmuffs feature an impressive Noise Reduction Rating of 26dB. And with Bluetooth capability it’s easy to stay connected with friends or listen to music wirelessly by connecting the earmuffs to a smartphone. The new earmuffs are ergonomically arched with a cushioned headband for maximum comfort and automatically shut off after four hours of non-use to save battery life. Retail: $90.50.


Radians R3200-Series Electronic Dual Mic Earmuffs

The R3200-Series electronic dual mic earmuffs from Radians with a noise reduction rating of 23dB feature tapered, low-profile ear cups that make them more compatible for use with shotguns and rifles. Two independent microphones, right and left, amplify low-level sounds, enabling conversations with shooting buddies and better directional pin-pointing when listening for wildlife. Electronic circuitry ensures impulse noises above unsafe levels, such as rifle and shotgun blasts, are not amplified. A 3.5mm jack and accessory cable (included) allow the user to connect to a smartphone, radio or digital audio device for stereo playback. An LED “On” indicator light helps to prevent unintentional battery discharge, and a compact folding design makes carry and storage easy. MSRP: $49.99.


SplatterPro Targets

SplatterPro Targets has a new multi-target option available for 2021 — 15 3-inch Bull’s-Eye targets on a 12x18-inch sheet — that provides shooters with the perfect target for creating competitive games with fellow shooters at a value price. SplatterPro targets allow shooters to see their shots off target as well as on target, its big bright halo allowing them to view their shots downrange without a spotting scope in most cases — a great tool for those new to the sport because they receive immediate feedback on their shots and can adjust accordingly. SplatterPro targets work with any caliber firearm, even BB guns. They are printed on premium 10-point stock, so they lay flat and stay flat. MSRP: $17.99/Pack of 25; $27.99/Pack of 50.


Take Aim Targets Fragshield

Take Aim Targets’ newest product, the Fragshield, employs an elastomeric material that’s bolted to the face of two-hole targets with a designed standoff distance from the face of the target. As the bullet penetrates through the Fragshield and strikes the target face, the fragmentation is safely deflected away from the shooter. This is essential for those shooters who like to shoot steel closer than the recommended safety distances. The robust material is designed to take thousands of hits and continue to function as designed. The Fragshield can be custom cut to fit existing two-hole target sizes by simply sending a drawing of the target. MSRP: $68.


Thompson Targets Halo Splatter Targets

Thompson’s new Halo reactive splatter target technology bursts bigger to provide greater visibility downrange — made with a thick high-quality cardstock and printed with dense black and red ink to create more of the desired splatter effect. They’re also designed for every shooting application, from life-size human silhouette training to riflescope zeroing. The #7600 cascading steel wire display is free to retailers with the purchase of the contained 60 units of five 12.5x19-inch reactive targets. The display is free standing or peg boardable and keeps the targets protected, accessible and attractively merchandised. It includes a full color target menu that matches the assortment. MSRP: $7.99/Package of five.


Walker’s FireMax Earmuffs

Walker’s Game Ear has added the rechargeable FireMax earmuffs with its Sound Activated Compression (SAC) protection built into a slim streamlined design to its extensive ear protection product line. The digital platform includes four frequency modes controlled by silent soft touch digital buttons and is powered by a 2000 mAH rechargeable lithium battery for over 200 hours of performance protection. The FireMax’s Universal and Power Boost modes enhance general sound to specific levels while the Clear Voice and Hi-Frequency modes can be chosen to better discern conversations and higher-frequency sounds (such as steel impact), respectively. The earmuffs also come with a new Rubber Tacti-Grip headband and cooling gel ear pads for all-day comfort. MSRP: $149.99.


White Horse Boss Box Weapons Clearing Systems

Boss Box weapons clearing systems from White Horse R&D are setting the standard for gun safety related to the downloading and clearing of firearms. Designed to withstand bullet impacts from a wide variety of weapons, the Boss Box can be mounted on a table or wall, and onfigured to be stationary or mobile with locking wheel casters. The systems utilize a technologically advanced design with self-healing materials for the highest level of safety applications for law enforcement, military, armories, commercial ranges, institutional and government buildings, gunsmiths and civilian gun enthusiasts. This military grade/multi-level weapons clearing system is built sturdy with an approximate weight of 28 pounds. MSRP: Starts at $449/Price varies by model and mounting system.



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