Sept.-Oct. Gear Roundup: Arrows

Make sure your store or website is a one-stop shop for all of your patrons’ arrow needs.

Sept.-Oct. Gear Roundup: Arrows

Archers can be fanatical when it comes to their equipment — forever on the lookout for that silver bullet that will elevate their game to new heights. When it comes to tweaking their rigs to boost efficiency, bowhunting guys and gals look for the accuracy, consistency and terminal performance that will elevate their game. Arrows are a good example.

There are two distinct camps when it comes to arrow selection. First, there are those speed freaks who proclaim that lightweight arrows fly faster with less arc, which leads to increased accuracy. And then there are muscle heads who prefer heavyweight arrows designed to deliver more energy — arrows that fly slower but resist wind better and penetrate deeper. Each is convinced their approach delivers the best possible results in the field.  

Savvy archery retailers know there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to arrows, and that’s why they carry a wide selection to fit the wants and needs of every potential customer  — that none leaves the store or website empty handed. Fortunately, today’s retailer — and archery patrons — have a wide selection to choose from, regardless of whether they’re considering new arrows for a compound bow or crossbow. Here are a few examples to put you on the road to more sales and your customers on the path to better shooting.

Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD 

Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD premium hunting arrows ($249.99/Per dozen shafts; $134.99/six-pack fletched arrows) feature a terminal blend of strength, integrity, speed and tunability for hyper accuracy at all ranges, reduced wind drift and enhanced penetration. Fabricated from a custom weave of 30-ton carbon, the Photon SD boasts 25% faster recovery out of the bow than comparable models. When combined with patented Tri-Spine technology, this exclusive blend of materials and construction generates up to four times the accuracy of traditionally constructed single-spine arrows. The aircraft-grade 7074 aluminum premium half-out insert system comes with a standard threaded 21-grain insert that provides the ability to add weight to customize FOC to each user’s preference.

Easton Sonic 6.0 Match Grade

Easton’s Sonic 6mm shaft is now available in a Match Grade ±.001-inch specification for bowhunters looking for precision and quality. The Sonic 6.0 ($117.99/six-pack fletched) is built using Easton’s seamless Acu-Carbon process for 100% weight and spine consistency from shaft to shaft, dozen to dozen. Lighter overall mass weight also provides for a wider range of arrow build options; from lightweight speed setups to high-FOC momentum-producing heavyweights. The Sonic 6.0 Match Grade features Easton’s fletched helical combined with 2-inch Blazer vanes. It is available in six spines (250, 300, 340, 400, 500 and 600) and 6mm nocks are pre-installed. Easton’s precision ST inserts are included for use with #8-32 thread broadheads and field points.

G5 Outdoors Mark Series Premium 

Mark series premium hunting arrows from G5 Outdoors ($94.95/Mark 244/six pack; $114.95/Mark 203/six pack) are precision machined and come in two models — Mark 203 and Mark 244 — with two different arrow diameter options. Mark series arrows are constructed with 100% high modulus carbon. A unique three-layer construction centers around a base layer with two layers of unidirectional carbon at 90 degrees. The mid-layer has two to four layers of unidirectional carbon at zero degrees, and the outer layer is a 3K woven carbon. Mark series arrows include G5 inserts and bushings that provide an enhanced fit that results in superior durability and performance, with 250, 300, 350 or 400 spine options available. 

Gold Tip Pierce LRT

Built with Gold Tip’s proven Pierce shaft and now with even tighter tolerances and upgraded components, the Pierce LRT ($139.99/fletched six-pack) is the arrow maker’s most advanced long-range tactical arrow ever. Its micro diameter allows for better penetration and less wind drift at extended ranges, and its component system is easy to install perfectly straight every time and is the toughest they have ever developed. In addition, Dyna-SlickShield coating aids in penetration and target removal. Pierce arrows are three-point laser sorted for a straightness tolerance of .001-inch and are available in three-fletch and four-fletch shafts (.166-inch diameter) with GTO nocks.

Victory RIP-SS

The RIP-SS hunting arrow from Victory Archery (six-pack, fletched: Elite/$234.99; Gamer/$209.99; Sport/$184.99) features a bone-crushing, small-diameter shaft with layers of stainless steel fused with an advanced 90° 3K carbon weave. Even lighter and faster than its predecessor, the Xtorsion, the RIP-SS boasts a higher FOC and incredible momentum for unmatched penetration and accuracy. The result is a lightweight arrow that’s less affected by wind and capable of punching through anything in its path. Available in Elite, Gamer and Sport models, RIP-SS arrows have a straightness tolerance of ±.001, ±.003 and ±.006 inches respectively, are available in 250, 300, 350 and 400 spines and come equipped with SHOK SS inserts and IP nocks.


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