G9 Defense .308 Win. 145-grain Barrier Blind Ammo

Suited for self defense and big-game hunting, Barrier Blind solid copper hollowpoint ammunition provides great penetration and expansion.

G9 Defense .308 Win. 145-grain Barrier Blind Ammo

Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollowpoint Ammunition from G9 Defense provides exceptional barrier penetration, great expansion and nearly 100 percent weight retention — demonstrating zero to minimal deflection through windshields, car doors and big-game animal bones. Suited for self defense and hunting, the .308 Win. 145-grain Barrier Blind hollowpoint bullet is a non-lead alternative that performs better than traditional lead-based projectiles. Due to the nature of CNC manufacturing, reliability far exceeds traditional jacketed hollowpoints. Its three petals open and do not fold over beyond maximum expansions during terminal impacts. The machined solid copper hollowpoint with cut fracture points represents the current pinnacle in hollowpoint technology. 

MSRP: $58.99/Box of 20. 

Contact: www.g9defense.com


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