S3DA Creates New Position of Conservation Outreach Coordinator

Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) recently announced that Scott Cronin from Central City, Kentucky, has been hired for a new position to help advance the organization’s conservation partnerships.

S3DA Creates New Position of Conservation Outreach Coordinator

Scholastic 3-D Archery added a new position to further bridge the gap between the competition archery world and the conservation world. Scott Cronin will serve as the S3DA national conservation outreach coordinator, and he’ll work closely with partnering organizations, as well as seek further implementation of conservation practices at the state and regional level. The goal is to guide youth, along with their families, friends and local spectators, into a lifetime of enjoyment in the outdoors.

Cronin is a graduate from the Safari Club International American Wilderness Leadership School, a hunter education/agriculture instructor at Muhlenberg County High School, and an associate professor for Murray State University Racer Academy. He lives in Central City, Kentucky, with his wife, Morgan, and their daughter, Addyson (right).

Through the years, Cronin became more intrigued with where to hunt and who he hunts with than the particular game species. He’s traveled throughout North America as a sportsman engaged in outdoor recreational activities. He enjoys hunting waterfowl, whitetails and turkeys.

Cronin knows that some of the hardest tasks can reap the greatest rewards, especially when advocating for hunters and conservation. He enjoys working closely with companies and organizations in efforts toward recruiting, retaining and reactivating hunters.

Cronin’s commitment and success encouraging others to pursue conservation, hunting, shooting sports and outdoor recreation continues to gain not only local, but also national attention. Cronin has vast experience working with a multitude of organizations, companies and individuals. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) selected him as Educator of the Year, and he was honored by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife for his work regarding the success of the Explore Bowhunting program.

When Cronin started researching and becoming informed of the impact S3DA is having on youth, he immediately saw the potential to grow with incredible movement to positively advocate for hunting and conservation.

Cronin said, “I truly know that S3DA in short time will be one of the most unique and successful organizations the country has ever seen in promoting competitive archery and conservation to youth. I see the opportunity as a privilege and honor to promote such great things through networking and education. Conservation has come natural to me because of my enjoyment of living life outdoors. Growing up, I gained appreciation for nature in general by being engaged in farming, camping, fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation activities. Having outstanding mentors and being active in organizations were influential in paving a direction for me to dedicate a part of my life toward promoting conservation and educating others. My parents were selfless and invested their time raising my brother and me. Our family time was spent throughout this great country on the lake or in the woods once all our work was complete. The commitment and encouragement these individuals provided allowed me to realize life is about making the most out of opportunity.”

For more information about Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA), visit www.S3DA.org.


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