Get Close With Ground Blinds

Help your customers with their ground game by stocking these three hunting blinds.

Get Close With Ground Blinds

It wasn’t that long ago that a hunter who chose to hunt from the ground would just sit quietly on a log, build a blind out of brush or even use sticks and camouflage fabric to conceal him or herself from the game animals she was pursuing. With the advent of ground blinds, however, hunting from the ground became much easier and more successful.

The first ground blinds to hit the market were pop-up blinds, and they were very well received. They were easy to carry in a backpack-type bag, set up quickly and kept the hunter dry and concealed within. However, they tended to be lightweight enough that they would blow around a lot in a high wind, often leaked at the seams and, unless you studied the instructions carefully, were nearly impossible to put back in their carrying bag.

Then along came hub-style blinds, and everything changed. These blinds, while somewhat heavier, were also roomier, sturdier and easier to set up and take down. They took the ground hunter world by storm, and they still hold the vast majority of the market.

Ground Blinds vs. Tree Stands

If a customer really wants to get close to a deer, why not just use a treestand? That’s a good question, as hunters have been killing deer from trees for decades. However, it’s not always practical. Sometimes there’s not an adequate tree in the area you choose to hunt. Also, ground blinds are safer, as hunters avoid climbing a ladder and climbing into their stand in the dark, and often climbing out and down the ladder also in the dark. More hunters are killed or seriously wounded each year from falls from treestands than from firearm accidents, and getting in and out of the stands is the most dangerous time. 

Ground blinds also shine when it comes to introducing a youngster to hunting. They conceal movement well, so a little tyke doesn’t have to sit perfectly still and be miserable. They also break the wind and provide shelter from rain and snow, making them more comfortable than a tree stand in inclement weather. Plus, they’re hell on turkeys, who are seldom hunted from a treestand because they have the irritating habit of looking up for predators.

Let’s take a look at three good ground blinds that you might want to consider keeping in stock for your customers.

Muddy Twin Peaks

Muddy Outdoors’ mission is simple: “Deliver category-leading gear for the best value in the hunting industry.” This new hub-style blind from Muddy does just that. It is equipped with two peaks to provide excellent structural integrity and more room than ever. 

Like other Muddy blinds, it is constructed of water-resistant, heavy-duty 600 denier fabric with a blacked-out interior. It is very easy to transport in its carrying bag, and once a hunter finds that magical spot, it can be set up within seconds due to Muddy’s quick-set hub system. 

The blind’s 180 degrees of abyss window netting, two back wall peak ports and two drop-down silent windows give ample opportunity to take the best shot possible. It’s also quite spacious, making it perfect for hunting alongside a partner or taking a youngster or new hunter along to learn about the sport. The blind is 70 inches tall, making for a good standing bow shot for most hunters. And with an inside area of 58x58 inches, there is plenty of room for a couple of chairs (even three if you choose) and other hunting gear. At just under 20 pounds, it’s even easy to tote to the woods.

Xenek Sniper

Xenek designed its Sniper blind to be the best functioning and most durable ground blind on the market. And if they didn’t hit that mark, they certainly come pretty close.

The Sniper maximizes shot opportunities while minimizing exposure of the hunter with the use of precision windows and strategically placed one-way vision panels on all four sides. It boasts a 300 denier polyester skin with black backing, and an adjustable precision window system with reversible covers and built-in accessory mount locations. For added durability, it has heavy-duty reinforcing cones at all wall corners to eliminate damage during setup and reinforced gussets at the window corners to prevent the fabric from tearing at stress points.

At 72x72 inches and a full 73 inches tall, this blind is great for those wanting to take a buddy along to film their adventure. And at just 21 pounds, it’s still plenty easy to haul to your favorite spot in the woods or field.

Primal Wraith 270 Deluxe 

The Wraith Deluxe is super lightweight at only 16 pounds, but it has all the room to comfortably hunt with a companion. This blind has a 58x58-inch footprint and boasts 72 inches of hub-to-hub shooting width, making it great for bowhunters. Add the three full-width horizontal shooting windows with see-through panels, and this is one your bowhunting customers might find perfect.

It’s made of heavy 300 denier fabric with a blackout, water resistant interior. The silent slide windows are great for when game is up close and personal, and the see-through window panels make it easy for you to see your quarry without it seeing you. It also offers a full 270-degree shooting view, which gives hunters ample opportunity to take game coming from different directions.

The blind is super easy to set up, with the manufacturer saying setup and takedown can be accomplished in 60 seconds each. It’s also easy to get back into the storage bag without a wrestling match. And with the included stakes and high-wind tie downs, the Wraith 270 Deluxe can hold up to just about anything Mother Nature throw your customers’ way.


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