Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System

The small MiniMo stove from Jetboil is versatile, perfect for pickup camping or for use deep in the backcountry.

Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System

Jetboil’s MiniMo Cooking System features a regulated burner that provides a consistent flame for superior simmer control and that is also capable of boiling half a liter (16 oz.) of water in a mere 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The included 1 Liter Short FluxRing insulated cooking cup is designed to minimize packing space and ergonomically designed for eating right from the cup. Additionally, the bottom cover doubles as a measuring device, and the system includes a stabilizer that fits onto the fuel canister (not included).

The Jetboil MiniMo cooking system has a regulated burner for properly cooking a wide variety of foods. And just as important for backcountry hunts, you can cook and eat out of the same cup.
The Jetboil MiniMo cooking system has a regulated burner for properly cooking a wide variety of foods. And just as important for backcountry hunts, you can cook and eat out of the same cup.

Jetboil Jetpower canisters fuel the stove and come in a variety of sizes (see below). Jetboil offers several accessories too, everything from skillets and utensils to a coffee press. The versatility and color variety of the MiniMo will appeal to a wide variety of customers.


·      1 Liter Short FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy

·      Metal handles for an easier cooking and eating experience

·      Optimized spoon angle for easier eating right from the cup

·      Unbeatable simmer control

·      Regulated for consistent performance down to 20F (-6C)

·      Clever sideways burner storage minimizes pack space

·      Convenient, reliable push-button igniter

·      Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl

·      Fuel Canister Stabilizer included

·      Compatible accessories include a Grande Coffee Press, Hanging Kit, Utensils, Skillet and FluxRing Cooking Pot

·      Pot Support and Jetpower fuel sold separately


COLOR: Adventure, JetCam, Sunset and Carbon

WEIGHT: 14.6 oz. / 415 g (excludes fuel stabilizer)

VOLUME: 1 Liter Short

COOKING TYPE: Precision Cook


GROUP SIZE: 1-2 People

BOIL TIME: 2m 15sec per .5 liter (avg. over life of Jetpower can)

WATER BOILED: 12 liters per 100 g Jetpower can



DIMENSIONS (PACKED): 5 in x 6 in

FUEL TYPE: Jetpower


ACTIVITY: Backpacking, Hunting, Fishing, Paddling, Cycling

STABILIZER WEIGHT: 0.9 oz. | 27 g

POT SUPPORT WEIGHT: 1.2 oz. / 35 g

MSRP: $144.95



Jetboil Accessories

8-inch FluxRing Fry Pan

A long-time standard for outdoor cooking, now updated and improved through the use of Jetboil's FluxRing technology, which provides incredibly even heating. Plastic base cover doubles as a food preparation or eating dish.

8-inch FluxRing Fry Pan
8-inch FluxRing Fry Pan


·    Compatible with the following burners: Zip, Flash Lite, Flash, Flash Java, MightyMo, MicroMo, MiniMo, SUMO

  • Pot Support (sold separately) must be used when cooking with the FluxRing Fry Pan on all compatible systems except the MightyMo

Coffee Press

Brew the best cup of backcountry coffee or flip it over to steam your favorite fish and vegetables! The stem and basket detach to stow easily in your cup. Available in two sizes: regular and grande.

Coffee Press
Coffee Press


·   Compatible with MiniMo, Sumo, Sumo TI. Also compatible with the 1-Liter Short and 1.8-Liter Spare Cups

·   Stem detaches from the basket and easily stow in your cup

·   Two stem pieces included. One piece is used for the stem of the MiniMo and both pieces screwed together are used for the Sumo.

  • Grande Coffee Press assembly options: 4.6”  dia. x 4.6”  for MiniMo; 4.6” dia. x 7.2” for Sumo

Jetpower Fuel

Formulated for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, our high-performance propane/isobutane four-season fuel delivers higher vapor pressure for improved performance in cold weather.

Jetpower Fuel comes in three convenient sizes.
Jetpower Fuel comes in three convenient sizes.



100g    ~12 liters                     7 oz.                3.5 in x 2.8 in              $4.99

230g    ~24 liters                     13.4 oz.           4.3 in x 3.9 in              $5.99

450g    ~48 liters                     23.5 oz.           4.3 in x 5.9 in             $9.99


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