6 Tips for Dealing With Archery Shop Stress

Running an archery shop can be difficult, especially during the busy season. Here are a half dozen suggestions on how to lower your stress.

6 Tips for Dealing With Archery Shop Stress

It’s likely the busiest time of the year for many of us. Unfortunately, busy usually equates to stressful, which in turn can lead to mental and health related issues. In fact, according to www.WEBMD.com, constant stress can lead to illness, causing severe symptoms like stomach pain, bowel issues and heart problems, to name just a few. The sum of these stressors cause negativity in our lives and lead to poor productivity on the job. 

Trust me when I say there is no cure-all to relieve stress. However, there are simple ways to lower your stress levels throughout the day, and thus, the work week. Below are six tips to include in your daily/weekly routines.

1. A Good Start

Stress is not limited to just the work environment; it rears its ugly head in all avenues of life. To start your day off on the right foot, make sure to include proper nutrition into your morning habits. A balanced breakfast provides the boost to help combat negativity through the day.

2. Communicate Well

Poor communication among colleagues, especially between supervisor/employee can in turn produce unclear expectations. If you find that this is true for you, chat with your colleagues and supervisor(s) to ensure a common goal with expectations identified.

3. Keep Conflict at Bay

Interpersonal conflict can take a toll on both your mental and physical states. Moreover, conflicts between colleagues are difficult to avoid. Steer clear of chit-chat that may lead to conflict. If you see tension building, seek a third-party to aid in the discussion.

4. Stay Organized

Organization is a great way to remove clutter that can eventually lead to stress. The better you plan, the less rushed you will be during the day. If you know the when and where of your daily tasks, you will accomplish them more quickly and easily.

5. Take a Break

Whether you are constantly on the go or sedentary at work, getting a little exercise away from the job can aid in stress management. Simply taking a short walk during your lunch break can prove effective; adding music can boost the effectiveness.

6. When All Else Fails, Take a Day

Even if you follow the steps above carefully, eventually the negative effects of life’s daily stresses will bring you down. When this occurs, there is no better remedy than taking a personal day to do your favorite activity.

When I hit the wall, you’ll find me on top of a mountain glassing for Coues whitetail and/or other game. It may not even be hunting season, but that activity is my go-to stress reliever. A morning in the chilly air behind big glass will put me back on a more positive path.

I understand it may be difficult during the busy season to take or request a personal day, but what’s the alternative? The bottom line is in order to be as productive and efficient in our jobs, we have to remain healthy, both mentally and physically. To perform at peak level and combat stress, take a day.

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Best to you!


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