Three Hunting Knives for the Outdoor Retailer to Stock

Stocking a variety of folders, fixed-blades and replaceable-blade hunting knives will help you hit every price point. Try these three models.

Three Hunting Knives for the Outdoor Retailer to Stock

No matter what kind of game your customers choose to hunt — from upland birds to waterfowl to big-game species like deer and elk, or even all of the above — a good, high-quality hunting knife is an absolute necessity when it comes time to gear up. Hunting knives are also reasonably priced enough that most hunters choose to have an assortment of them, and many of those same hunters are happy to add to their collection year after year.

Fortunately for hunters and hunting retailers alike, today’s hunting knives are better than ever, with advanced steel that holds an edge longer and will also hold up to the harshest of treatment. Knowing what to look for, and what to steer your customers toward, takes a little research, however.

Studying blade steel can be overwhelming. Just know that there are several varieties of steel, ranging from high end S30V that combines toughness, wear and rust resistance down to less expensive medium-carbon stainless steel blades that aren’t nearly as hard but are much easier to sharpen.

Likewise, points run from clip points and drop points to even spear-point blades and blades with gut hooks. All have specific jobs that they are better for, and some, like the clip point, are good for a variety of hunting tasks. Likewise, handle materials vary from wood and polymer to micarta and G10 (more expensive, but offering better grip and wear).

Modern hunting knives basically come in one of three broad types — fixed blade, folding and knives with replaceable blades. Let’s take a look at one of each that might just catch the eye of a few of your customers in the coming year.

Folder: Buck Knives 110

A lightweight version of the company’s fabled 110 Hunter, the 110 Hunter LT is made with lightweight moldable nylon, drastically reducing its weight while retaining the same legendary quality as the original 110 Hunter. 

The razor-sharp 3.75-inch 420HC tumbled finish, clip-point blade is just right for detailed work like piercing and cutting in tight places, and it features a nail notch for extra grip when opening the knife. Buck chose the 420HC blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high-carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steel. The blade is hardened to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58. The knife’s lockback design ensures it stays open safely and securely during use. 

Folded, the 110 Hunter LT measures only 4.87 inches long and easily slips into a pocket for carrying. Blade thickness is 0.12 inches and overall length when open is 8.625 inches. The knife’s durable polymer handle features scales with texture for keeping a tight grip when things get wet and nasty, and dual thumb studs allow for ambidextrous use.

With its strength, light weight and utilitarian design, Buck touts the 110 Hunter LT as being “perfect for those who want a full-sized folder in a lightweight package.” At the low end of the price range for a quality hunting knife, the knife has an MSRP of $37.99 and comes with a black polyester belt sheath. The knife also carries Buck’s outstanding Forever Warranty for lifetime repair or replacement.

Fixed Blade: OKC RAT-3 Caper and Skinner

Ontario Knife Company (OKC) has been making knives for more than 130 years, and in that time they’ve learned a thing or two. This year the folks at OKC have added two new knife models specifically made for hunters to their popular RAT series of knives — the RAT-3 Caper and RAT-3 Skinner.

As most hunters know, having the right tool at their disposal once that buck, boar or bull hits the ground can make all the difference in the world. The RAT-3 Caper has all the features needed to make it just right for a number of different field tasks once the game has been harvested.

The RAT-3 Caper features a 3-inch, 1075 phosphate-coated high-carbon steel drop-point blade and has an overall length of 8.25 inches. The Caper has additional space on the neck to move your thumb up for more detail control, along with a large finger choil for optimal comfort. Blade thickness is 0.11 inch, handle length is 4.05 inches and total weight is 4.8 ounces.

The Skinner features a large belly with great curvature perfect for skinning game or providing support during small chopping tasks. Also crafted from quality 1075 phosphate-coated high-carbon steel, the blade measures 3.75 inches and overall length is 7.65 inches. Blade width is 0.12 inches, handle length is 4 inches and total weight of the knife is 7 ounces.

Both models are 100 percent made in the United States, and both incorporate the popular RAT-3 tan Micarta handle, which offers hunters a comfortable, solid grip even if it gets wet or bloody when field dressing game. With an MSRP of $68.95, the RAT-3 Caper comes equipped with a full-blade leather sheath with retention strap and belt-loop style carrying.

Replaceable Blade: Outdoor Edge RazorPro S

It’s likely that just about every hunter has experienced the frustration of needing his or her knife for a task only to find the blade too dull for the job. Replaceable blades are all the rage, mainly because hunters are always assured of having a razor-sharp edge when they need it. Of course, a super-sharp knife is not just more efficient for the task at hand, but also safer, since the user doesn’t have to hack and slash in an effort to overcome a dull blade.

For 2023, Outdoor Edge has expanded its popular RazorPro family of RazorSafe replaceable-blade hunting knives with the new RazorPro S. The new RazorPro S is a modification to one of Outdoor Edge’s best-selling knives, the original RazorPro G double folder. The new S version has been modified to include a bone saw made of 65 MN spring steel for wear resistance and toughness combined with the 3.5-inch replaceable drop-point blade. Further specifications include an overall length of 8 inches, razor blade thickness of 0.6 millimeters and a weight of only 8.3 ounces.

The company touts this new model as being the perfect knife combo to take to the field for all-around outdoor use. With its rubberized TPR handle, stainless steel blades and spring steel saw with chrome coating, it is built to withstand the use and abuse of serious outdoor enthusiasts while being small enough to easily fit into a hunter’s pocket or daypack for easy all-day access.

At an MSRP of $89.95, the RazorPro S comes a camouflage sheath and six drop-point blades so hunters will have a sharp one every time they need it.

Wrapping It Up

There’s no denying that every hunter needs a good quality hunting knife. Keeping a variety of hunting knives in stock will give customers the opportunity to match a knife to the purpose for which they intend to use it. And since hunters come from all demographics and economic categories, keeping some less expensive knives along with a few premium knives on hand will ensure you have something for anyone looking to buy a new hunting knife for the upcoming season.


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